Carriwell Hospital Panties – White

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Every new mom should do herself a favour and pack a bag of Carriwell hospital panties in her hospital bag. Light incontinence or loss of bladder control, is common in pregnancy due to the added pressure on your pelvic floor muscles which have to support your growing uterus. The Carriwell hospital panty is in essence an incontinence panty modified for pregnancy so is ideally suited for holding large incontinence and post birth pads in place.

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Carriwell ensures that the period of after birth bleeding is managed discreetly and hygienically with special,washable hospital panties, specifically designed to hold post birth pads in place.

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Economical: can be washed up to 10 times. Endorsed by leading childbirth educators
The excellent breathability adds to the wearers comfort.
A snug supremely comfortable fit to secure the pad effectively.
Perfectly suited for caesarean recuperation – allows scars to breathe.
Manufactured specifically to hold large incontinence & post birth pads in place.
>A pack contains five panties which will last most women for the time of heavy flow.