Nuna Leaf – Twilight

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Its name describes the design behind this incredible product. Just like a leaf swaying gently in the wind is the design of the Nuna Leaf.  And just like a leaf needs only a small breeze to sway in the wind, so does the Nuna Leaf. With a gentle push the motion lasts unassisted no batteries, no cords and no noise.  Want it to be stationary for feed-time or playtime the Nuna Leaf locks with a simple lock.

This clever product ensures you get your moneys worth, adapting from a newborn sway, to a seat for both a toddler or pre-school child as it has a weight limit of 26kg.

Just as a leaf sways beautifully and elegantly, so is the feel of this product. Made from organic cotton ensures the insert is both soft and light. Its mesh backing allows for ample ventilation for your little one.

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The Nuna Leaf product looks the part and unlike other baby products that are glitzy, large and unattractive, the Nuna Leaf will fit beautifully into your living room, and even more its quiet even when in motion!

Additional accessories include the Canopy and Toy Bar.

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  • Gentle motion lasts unassisted
  • No batteries or cords required
  • Simple motion lock
  • Pops out of its base for easy storage
  • Organic cotton insert