Nuna Pipa Capsule

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As the name suggests, a car capsule implies you are likely to be using this gadget in and out of the car. Thus, facing different weather conditions of the day – sunny, glary, windy and/or cold – and sometimes all of these seasons in one day.

The Nuna PIPA capsule has a revolutionary dream drape that stretches and attaches to hidden magnets tucked away in the capsule – thus creating a self-shelter for your little one.

The mesh window ensures to provide both air-flow and a bird’s eye view for your baby when the dream drape is extended from it canopy.

Nuna have ensured its safety further with side impact protection for your little one.

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We don’t want you breaking your arms just carrying the capsule, and therefore Nuna thought about this in its design, with the capsule lightweight – under 3.5kg.

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  • Compatible with 60 prams
  • Installed rearward facing with your vehicle’s seat belt, anchor strap and in-built spirit level guide
  • Premium micro knit fabric
  • side impact protection for ultimate baby safety