UPPAbaby CRUZ 2018

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The new Uppababy Cruz 2018 definitely hits the wow factor. It's new fabric is soft to touch yet robust to handle the hustle and bustle of daily life. Those who like a little zazz will like its 100% full-grain leather handle and bumper bar for a rich and classic appearance.

It does not compromise on functionality. Just like its prior model (the 2015 Uppababy Alta) it can be transformed into an infant travel system with the inclusion of a bassinet (sold separately).

This pram will keep your child comfortable for the entire length of your journey. The chair can face-you or the external world and has five recline positions with an adjustable footrest to allow your baby to find their comfortable place.

Created for your convenience, the framework of the Uppababy Cruz 2018 comes with an easy-fold motion and folds flat with the seat device connected, allowing for easy storage or travel.

Product details

The UPPAbaby CRUZ 2018 is a compact stroller that’s perfect for city adventures. Designed to tackle tough sidewalks and navigate narrow store aisles, the UPPAbaby CRUZ 2018 is a full-featured stroller at a fraction of the size. The suspension guarantees a smooth ride that won’t trouble your baby even on rough roads. Full-Grain Leather accents that use a tanning process adhering to REACH Certification (REACH is an EU certification that oversees and restricts the use of toxic chemicals in manufacturing in order to reduce associated risks. Being REACH compliant means our tanning process is not only cognisant about the effects of chemicals, but also that both our leather and our chosen tannery regularly pass rigorous chemical compliancy testing.)

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Weight 9 kg






Under Carriage Basket

76.5 Liters


4 Wheels


Indigo/Silver, Green


An improved SPF 50+ sunshade, with a new woven fabric that resists wrinkles;
New sunshade locks to keep it in place better when you slide it up and down the frame;
Redesigned solid polyurethane wheels, which will trim a little weight off of your stroller and will wear better;
A new upgraded fold lock that can be replaced if it wears out
Slightly lighter than the 2015 Uppababy Alta