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UPPAbaby Cup Holder

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The Uppababy Cup Holder is suitable for adult or baby drinks. The pram can still be folded with the cup holder fitted and it fits all Uppababy models.

The Uppababy Cup Holder can be attached to either side.

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3 reviews for UPPAbaby Cup Holder

  1. Mrs G

    The Uppababy Cup Holder is simple to set up. It is great for new mums who have haven’t had much sleep and are in much need of a large coffee!

  2. Good Purchase

    This is a very helpful accessory and was easy to add to our Vista pram. Bottles of water shake around just a little however they continue to stay secure in the holder. Remember, your pram is a little wider with this add on, certainly a must-have for anyone out and on the go a whole lot!

  3. Stacey Jones

    This UPPAbaby cup holder has a secure fit and is simple to install. The best part is that the pram can be collapsed with the holder still attached so no difficult storage or detachment process. This system is excellent for a variety of cup sizes.

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