Sophie Wins Again

Sophie the Giraffe is not only a 7-inch-high rubber teething toy. It’s also a global star. The rubber chew toy enriches all five senses: Sight with her unique patterns and complementary pascal colours; Hearing with her soft squeak will not only keep your baby amused but also help them understand cause and effect; Taste because it is easy to chomp on; and the Touch and Smell of the natural rubber.

Her dark eyes, red cheeks and brown spots, Sophie is straightforward: She squeaks when squeezed and Sophie’s petite size makes her easy for babies to grip.

Priced generally between $25-$30, in contrast to a significantly different less than $5 for more regular teethers, Sophie the Giraffe is in all the high end baby shops all over the world.

Originated from France, last year a record 816,000 Sophie the Giraffe toys were sold in its origin country, and 828,000 babies were born, meaning that nearly every French newborn got one.

The Sophie Giraffe teething toy has been a best seller from all of the baby products for the last 5 years. Flexible, slim and gentle, your newborn can chew and press her with complete security.

Sophie’s packaging notes that she is phthalate-free and is made from natural rubber. It is a lengthy process to make one Sophie teething toy and takes roughly 3 weeks to get them from inception to completion.

Made up from natural rubber from the Hevea tree in France, her unique odour makes her simple and special for your youngster to recognise amongst all their other toys. She is perfect for soothing sore gums when teething. Your baby will love Sophie the Giraffe just like all their friends do!

This teething toy is used by many celebrities and she’s been around 50 years and with so many other parents purchasing her, she is obviously an excellent toy for your teething baby.

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